Astronomic Ring Dial - Hemispherium Antique Scientific Instument


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Astronomic Ring Dial - Hemispherium Reproduction Antique Scientific Instrument

Antique science with the astronomic ring dial.

A most antiquated scientific instrument.

The astronomic ring dial, or annulus atronomicus, is an instrument used to determine the solar time - it's principle is the Universal Equatorial Solar Quadrant.

This is a high quality brass replica of the original model as created by Reiner Gemma Frisius (1508-1555) in Louvain.

Constructed to the highest quality, a working piece of scientific history.

Made from a scale of latitudes which can be used to make astronomical measurements and tell the time.

The Universal Equinoctial Ring Sundial.

Comes in presentation box with stand.

Also includes instruction and history manual.

Dimensions approximately 10 cm X 0.6 cm thick ( 4" X 1/4").

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