Perpetual Calendar - Hemispherium Antique Scientific Instument


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Perpetual Calendar - Hemispherium Reproduction Antique Scientific Instrument

Antique science with the perpetual calendar.

A most antiquated scientific instrument.

Perpetual calendars are the only calendars that fulfil the first of the three basic conditions for a good calendar: to permit the deduction of any essential data from any other data.

This is a high quality brass calendar which is based on original models used throughout history since the Gregorian reform (October 4, 1582).

Constructed to the highest quality, a working piece of scientific history.

This calendar starts at January 1, 1600 and ends at December 31, 2799.

Use this for exploring dates and times throughout the centuries.

Comes in presentation box with stand.

Also includes instruction and history manual.

Dimensions approximately 9 cm X 1.7 cm ( 3 1/2" X 5/8").

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