Astrolabe - Hemispherium Antique Scientific Instument

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Astrolabe - Hemispherium Reproduction Antique Scientific Instrument

Antique science with the astrolabe.

A most antiquated scientific instrument.

The astrolabe, translated as 'star searcher' has become a representation of the celestial sphere, using its planispheric form to answer problems involving the rising or setting of bodies and other issues related to the horizon in a specific place.

This is a high quality brass replica of the original model, first designed by astronomer Hipparchus (150 BC).

Constructed to the highest quality, a working piece of scientific history.

Made from intricate scientifically accurate parts to help you with your astrological calculations.

Like a calculator for the stars and sun.

Comes in presentation box with stand.

Also includes instruction and history manual (in English, French, Spanish & Italian).

Dimensions approximately 10 cm X 1.7 cm ( 4" X 5/8").

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