The International Spy Film Guide 1945 - 1989


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The International Spy Film Guide 1945 - 1989 by Richard Rhys Davies

2,240 Spy Films from 65 CountriesóReviewed, Rated and Illustrated.

The International Spy Film Guide 1945 - 1989 is the ultimate celebration of espionage cinema of the Cold War era. It is a colossus of a book with over 1100 pages in full colour across two hardback volumes. Twelve years in the making, the encyclopedia rediscovers and celebrates films previously hidden by the geography and politics of the Cold War. Featuring spy films from every continent and of all political persuasions, The ISFG demonstrates that the peoples of all nations are not so different after all. From Syria to Argentina, Indonesia to Canada, Lithuania to New Zealandóthe cinema of sixty five countries is brought together for the first time in a globetrot worthy of a superspy mission. Drawing on the vast collection of The Kiss Kiss Kill Kill Archive, The International Spy Film Guide is a box of visual fireworks with stunning poster artwork, unseen production stills and rare publicity materials illuminating an unprecedented voyage through late twentieth century spy cinema. Each film entry is complemented by an image from the archive, a brief synopsis and review, a list of international release titles plus a score out of ten. Films with 8 and above are awarded a KKKKA stamp of approval. Films with 2 or less get the damning toxic stamp. 

Weighing in at over 3KG, this beautifully produced two volume edition is presented in luxurious non-scuff lamination covers and is printed on 100gsm bond uncoated art paper.  An essential reference book for spy film fans, James Bond aficionados, genre enthusiasts, film academics, cult film specialists, cinema historians and lovers of Eurospy, Mexispy, Bollyspy, Blaxspy, Bossaspy, Asiaspy, Arabspy and Sovietspy.

Also available as a Deluxe Large Format Limited Edition

210mm x 210mm

ISBN 978-0-9569435-2-1

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