Entertainment for all! Pink Cat shop has jokes, games, dress up, pranks, novelties, action figures and music boxes to fill every dull moment.


"A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men." ~ Roald Dahl

Never a dull moment in the Pink Cat house, with a staggering supply of jokes, toys, games, magic, music and madness. Up front is our completely unhinged selection of jokes guaranteed to break the ice, put a smile on anyone’s face and get the party started. Next is our world of puzzles and games. No Xbox, Wii or PC gaming here – it’s strictly old school board games, playing cards, puzzles and grow your owns for maximum sociability and hilarity. Music is also strictly old school – no CD, MP3 or WAV – it’s hand crank, wind-up and Wurlitzers. Our Action Figures feature a diverse array of huggable characters from history, literature, philosophy and fantasy. We have a God Squad category for all the fun religious artefacts we can find. Comparative religion is important to Pink Cat – we would love to have every creed represented so that we can all have a jolly good laugh together. After all, we are all children of Gaia.