Brilliant cups, mugs and beakers in a huge selection of retro, novelty and gorgeous designs. Ideal presents and gifts.


"Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee? " ~ Albert Camus

If you love a hot beverage as much as us, or indeed everyone in the world (ask Sheldon Cooper), you simply cannot go wrong with a mug – the perfect gift. Even existentialists need them. Your mug is like a partner and lover – someone you share with your lips on a daily basis. Fill with coffee, tea, herbal brews, Horlicks, Bovril, toddy, chai, mulled wine or your own crazy cocktail for a happy, happy time. In our awesome mug emporium you’ll find Volkswagens, superheroes, time lords, Moomins, movie stars, mopeds and Muppets. It’s not just a cup – it’s a statement, a way of life and a friend. Come drink from the mug of life.