Unique accessories for your living room, lounge, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and outdoors


"Exquisite details make interiors sing." ~ Larry Laslo

Welcome to the house of Pink Cat. Peruse our labyrinth of home goodness to make your place a super cosy and colourful abode. In Home Accessories you’ll find a dizzying array of differing décor – from tide clocks to pill boxes and magic wands to money boxes. The Pink Cat kitchen is so massive it needs several categories – Cooking & Baking, Kitchen Accessories, Melamine, Mugs and Aprons. Kitchen timers, oven gloves and egg cups do battle with ice trays and lunchboxes. The Bar & Booze category is a joyful playroom of adult drinking paraphernalia. Then there’s relaxing in the Bathroom and chilling in the Bedroom. Banish booboos and blisters with our our vibrant and eye-catching selection of first-aid in Ouch!. Grab you bike and explore the outdoors with the diverse range of accessories in Outdoors and Garden where you will also find Pink Cat’s range of dashing pet accessories.Finishing touches include a brilliantly diverse selection of Fridge Magnets and Coasters. Low down and dirty at the bottom is the Smoking Room.